‘Defenders of Children’

Become a ‘Defender of Children’ and benefit from the latest education into why abuse happens, learn how to recognise an abuser or an abused child and how to protect your family.


1 in 5 children have experienced serious abuse be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect at some point in their early life.  This figure is based upon reported abuse so the overall figure will be greater than this!

Only 1 in 9 children who need protection receive it!

NSPCC April 2013

Free access to our secure on-line system ‘Hear-Me’ means you enjoy direct access to our team of child abuse experts helping you to validate or negate concerns with regard to grooming and abuse. This removes the fear of making a false allegation.

Every family or organisation which has a duty of care for children can use ‘Hear-Me’ to protect, educate, and manage the risks of abuse.

By using this technology every one who needs help gets help at no cost.  Simply register and express your concerns to our team of experts.  They will walk you through the required processes to address your concerns and provide the support to manage the impact on your family.

Click HERE to learn about how to join the ‘Defenders of Children’ campaign.


Help us to educate children, parents and those with a duty of care of children by making a charitable donation to Enough Abuse UK.  Every contribution whatever the amount will be gratefully received.  Thank you.

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